“Andiamo is a social venture creating a new user-centred children’s orthotics service. Our aim is to drastically reduce wait times from 13 weeks to 48 hours, by using 3D scanning and printing technology.”

Andiamo aims to change the way orthotics are made and distributed to children around the world.  As is the case of many of the organizations CNS Foundations spotlights and teams up with, Andiamo was founded by parents Naveed and Samiya Parvez after experiencing their own struggles searching for braces their son, Diamo, who had CP. 

Their mission states, “Andiamo aims to change the service of acquiring disabled children’s orthotics and reducing the wait time from 13 weeks to 48 hours, by using 3D scanning and digital printing technology. Shorter wait times lead to significantly better outcomes for the child.”  In addition to shorter wait times, this technology has the potential greatly expand access to comfortably fitting orthotics for special-needs children who come in all different shapes and sizes and special circumstances.  

On September 15, 2014, Andiamo launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise capital for a private orthotics clinic with the goal of treating at least 20 children over the next 12 months.  These children will represent multiple health conditions including CP.  The entire service is being co-created and designed with those children and their families from the start so Andiamo can track all of progress and benefits.  

While they’ve gained significant traction, the roughly $500,000 required for 12 months of producing orthotics has been deemed “too risky” by investors so they have turned to special-needs community for help raising awareness as well as raising funds.  

To learn more about Andiamo visit their website, http://andiamo.io/ or check out their fundraising campaign on Indiegogo