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MIT researchers find that Sirtuin1 may boost memory and learning ability
Small molecule boosts production of brain cells, protects new cells from dying, UT Southwestern researchers find
York U autism-related study discovers how drug interferes with neuronal cell function
Rhythm of life: Music shows potential in stroke rehabilitation
Work-life balance: Brain stem cells need their rest, too
Muscular problems in children with neonatal diabetes are neurological, study finds
Stanford stem cell scientist leads effort to prevent fraudulent treatment
Gene regulating human brain development identified
A Pacemaker for Your Brain
Piglets open doors to study infant brain development
Jammin' Jenn
Researchers at UH work to prevent neurological diseases
Children with Special Needs Are at Increased Risk for Oral Disease
How lead exposure damages the brain
Brain signs of schizophrenia found in babies
Flame retardant linked to altered thyroid hormone levels during pregnancy
Creating a preliminary neurobehavioral profile of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
Little is understood about alcohol's effect on fetal development, Georgetown researchers say
Treatment with naturally occurring protein prevents and reverses brain damage caused by meningitis
Experience shapes the brain's circuitry throughout adulthood
Study confirms favorable long-term prognosis of epilepsy
Autism in a Test Tube?
Stanford study first to show antibodies involved in nerve repair in injuries
Astrocytes affect brain's information signaling
Researchers closer to untying autism's genetic knot
Targeted molecules play only minor role in axon repair
'Sound' science offers platform for brain treatment and manipulation
Protein lets brain repair damage from multiple sclerosis, other disorders
Reducing Alzheimer's-related protein in young brains improves learning in Down syndrome animal model
Findings suggest optimal dose and delivery mode for premature infants needing oxygen
Autism finding could lead to simple urine test for the condition
Key nutrient in maternal diet promises 'dramatic' improvements for people with Down syndrome
Neural tissue contains imbalanced levels of proteins, U-M study finds
Immune system helps transplanted stem cells navigate in central nervous system
Synthetic peptide may regenerate brain tissue in stroke victims
Mannitol boosts effectiveness of potential cord blood treatment for cerebral palsy in lab animals
Breakthrough in stem cell culturing
Nobel winner ties mental illness to immune defect
Supplement may prevent alcohol-related brain, skull defects
Stem Cell Disruption Induces Skull Deformity, UR Study Shows
Newly Discovered Gene Variants Lead to Autism and Mental Retardation
Discovery of stem cell illuminates human brain evolution, points to therapies
Mount Sinai identifies first drug to demonstrate therapeutic effect in a type of autism
Study finds Alzheimer's disease link in eyes of children with Down syndrome
Popular autism diet does not demonstrate behavioral improvement
Altered brain development found in children with newly diagnosed epilepsy
80 percent autism-divorce rate debunked in first-of-its kind scientific study
Progress in exploring new avenues for brain repair
Behavior therapy effective in reducing tics in children with Tourette syndrome, study finds
Newborn infants learn while asleep; study may lead to later disability tests
High-fat ketogenic diet effectively treats persistent childhood seizures
Stanford-led team validates, extends fMRI research on brain activity
Study looks at major advances in pediatric epilepsy surgery at UCLA over two decades
New information on the development of the brain
Consortium recommends microarray testing as new standard for pediatric genetic diagnosis
Study finds protein that plays key role in early embryonic development
Researchers find mirror neuron system functions normally in individuals with autism
MIT researchers find that 2 proteins are key for normal-sized brains
Rare Disease in Amish Children Sheds Light on Common Neurological Disorders, Penn Study Shows
Researchers uncover Fragile X syndrome gene's role in shaping brain
Brain's master switch is verified by Iowa State University researcher
New nerve cells -- even in old age
Discovery of rare genetic mutation could help battle Tourette syndrome
Standard heel-stick test ineffective at screening for CMV in newborns
Brain changes associated with fragile X take place before age 2
GI problems common in children with autism
Study adds to evidence that autism has genetic basis
Researchers recommend pregnant women take 4,000 IU vitamin D a day
Probiotics Help Extremely Premature Infants Gain Weight
Giving DHA Supplements to Breastfeeding Mothers May Aid Brain Development in Preemies
Leptin Action in the Brain Linked to Sepsis Survival
Sign Language Study Shows Multiple Brain Regions Wired for Language
Ben-Gurion U. research confirms that hand-clapping songs improve motor and cognitive skills
A virtual muscle machine for kids with disabilities
Gene silencing may be responsible for induced pluripotent stem cells' limitations
Studying altered brain cells sheds light on epilepsy
Study of Williams syndrome patients reveals specific gene's role in intelligence
Sensor gives valuable data for neurological diseases and treatments
From wimp to jock: How a cell motor gets pushy
Rare gene variants linked to high risk of broad range of seizure disorders
Newly discovered RNA steers brain development
What causes seizure in focal epilepsy?
Dual approach gives a more accurate picture of the autistic brain
Study shows extremely preterm children are 3 times as likely to have psychiatric disorder
Brain Infection from Tapeworm "serious Health Concern"
UCLA researchers make first direct recording of mirror neurons in human brain
Scripps Research scientists solve mystery of fragile stem cells
Strategy confirmed to help doctors determine when to treat retinopathy of prematurity
PANDAS don't like stress
Fragile X protein loss alters brain pathways responsible for learning and memory
New study of autism reveals a 'DNA tag' (methylation) amenable to treatment
Study: Social influence playing role in surging autism diagnoses
Music therapy fails dyslexics
New treatment for social problems in autism? Oxytocin improves emotion recognition
Uncommon eye injury in autistic children has common cause
New Survey Finds Grandparents Play Key Role in Lives of Children With Autism
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder linked to high prevalence of epilepsy
Behavioural incentives mimic effects of medication on brain systems in ADHD
Insulin-like signal needed to keep stem cells alive in adult brain
In brain-injured children, early gesturing predicts language delays
Human brain becomes tuned to voices and emotional tone of voice during infancy
Traumatic brain injury causes loss of smell and taste
New Theory of Down Syndrome Cause May Lead to New Therapies
Scans of brain networks may help predict injury's effects
Robertson Foundation donates $10.2 million for Duke Cell Therapy Center
Learning deficits in adolescence linked to novel brain receptor
Deep brain stimulation reduces epileptic seizures in patients with refractory partial and secondarily generalized seizures
Songbirds provide insight into speech production
Modified Home Video Game Shows Promise for Improving Hand Function in Teens with Cerebral Palsy
A better genetic test for autism
New study identifies best treatment for childhood epilepsy
Molecule tells key brain cells to grow up, get to work, Stanford study shows
Ritalin boosts learning by increasing brain plasticity
Loss of enzyme reduces neural activity in Angelman syndrome
Comparative effectiveness trial leads to evidence-based care for childhood epilepsy
Neuroscientist steers research into neurological disorders
Study: Gene Therapy Reverses effects of Lethal Childhood Muscle Disorder in Mice
A mother's sensitivity may help language growth in children with autism spectrum disorder
Vitamin B3 shows early promise in treatment of stroke
Mouse model may provide insight into the schizophrenic brain
Children can have recurrent strokes
Brain implant reveals the neural patterns of attention
Treating neonatal meningitis -- is nitric oxide a foe or a friend to bacteria
Gene mutation is linked to autism-like symptoms in mice, UT Southwestern researchers find
Remember Magnesium If You Want to Remember
Special issue of NeuroRehabilitation focuses on hypoxic-ischemic brain injuries
The role of sleep in brain development
How nerve cells grow
UC Study Supports Alternative Anti-Seizure Medication Following Acute Brain Injury
High-fat ketogenic diet to control seizures is safe over long term
Neuroscientists reveal new links that regulate brain electrical activity
Autism's earliest symptoms not evident in children under 6 months
UWM researcher predicts stem cell fate with software
A common thread links multiple human cognitive disorders
Brain-controlled cursor doubles as a neural workout
New study possibly links cognitive and motor delays with 'flat head syndrome' in young babies
New clue why autistic people don't want hugs
MCG to conduct first FDA-approved stem cell trial in pediatric cerebral palsy
Developmental delay in brain provides clue to sensory hypersensitivity in autism
Association discovered between Eczema in early childhood and psychological problems in children at age 10 years
Drinking milk during pregnancy may lower baby's risk of MS
Mediterranean Diet May Lower Risk of Brain Damage That Causes Thinking Problems
Mice shed new light on causes of childhood deafness
UC Davis study confirms link between advanced maternal age and autism
Yale researchers may have uncovered the mechanism by which progesterone prevents preterm birth
Scientists map epigenome of human stem cells during development
SIDS linked to low levels of serotonin
New form of stem cell communication rescues diseased neurons
UC Davis researchers identify brain protein for synapse development
Uncorrelated activity in the brain
Mount Sinai finds prenatal exposure to certain chemicals affects childhood neurodevelopment
Non-invasive testing, earlier surgery can stop seizures in tuberous sclerosis complex
Study Says Lead May Be the Culprit in ADHD
Stanford researchers directly turn mouse skin cells into neurons, skipping IPS stage
Children with suspected development problems may not get needed referrals, study shows
UF researchers continue 'extraordinary measures' to tackle Pompe disease
New class of brain-protecting drugs emerging
AAN guideline evaluates treatments for kids with cerebral palsy
Babraham scientists find survival factor for keeping nerve cells healthy
Communication problems in the brain
Transplanted Stem Cells Form Proper Brain Connections
Prenatal exposure to flame-retardant compounds affects neurodevelopment of young children
Concussions not taken seriously enough: McMaster researcher
UK Study Advances New Target for CNS Drug Development
Excess DNA damage found in cells of patients with Friedreich's ataxia
CSHL scientists use next-gen sequencing to rapidly discover genetic cause of devastating disorder
Duke scientists map brain pathway for vocal learning
New stroke therapy successful in rats
Virtual reality tele-rehab improves hand function: Playing games for real recovery
Study reveals how One form of natural vitamin E protects brain after stroke
Rare Eye-Movement Disorders Provide Insight on How the Nervous System Develops
Research adds to evidence that autism is a brain 'connectivity' disorder
Disconnect Between Brain Regions in ADHD
Brain imaging may help diagnose autism
China a rising star in regenerative medicine despite world skepticism of stem cell therapies
UV LED therapy shows promising results in preventing focal seizures
Before or after birth, gene linked to mental health has different effects
UCSB scientists discover how the brain encodes memories at a cellular level
Microcephaly genes associated with human brain size
Rate of autism disorders climbs to 1 percent among 8-year-olds, say UAB, CDC researchers
New study links DHA type of omega-3 to better nervous-system function
Gene identified as cause of some forms of intellectual disability
MU Researchers Work On Vaccine to Improve Immune System in Newborns
The Queen and I
Nerve-cell transplants help brain-damaged rats fully recover lost ability to learn
Coaxing injured nerve fibers to regenerate by disabling 'brakes' in the system
Child's Brain Can Rewire Itself
People affected by autism believe increase is 'real,' not diagnostic
Stem cell derived neurons for research relevant to Alzheimer's and Niemann-Pick type C diseases
Brain imaging shows kids' PTSD symptoms linked to poor hippocampus function
With amino acid diet, mice improve after brain injury
The thalamus, middleman of the brain, becomes a sensory conductor
Treatments for asthma and pre-term labor may increase risk of autism in developing fetus
First Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Approved for Use Under New NIH Guidelines
Childhood lead exposure causes permanent brain damage
Report shows constraint-induced movement therapy may improve arm use in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy
Early intervention for toddlers with autism highly effective, study finds
Research sheds new light on epilepsy
Study shows new brain connections form rapidly during motor learning
Brain food
Polyphenols and polyunsaturated fatty acids boost the birth of new neurons
Exposure to lead, tobacco smoke raises risk of ADHD
StemCells, Inc. Initiates Landmark Trial Targeting "Communication Highway" of the Brain
New understanding about mechanism for cell death after stroke leads to possible therapy
Parent training complements medication for treating behavioral problems in children with PDD
New Down syndrome treatment suggested by study in mice
Duke researchers find explanation for rapid maturation of neurons at birth
US gets a 'D' for preterm birth rate
On your last nerve
New discovery about the formation of new brain cells
MS Is More Aggressive in Children but Slower to Cause Disability than in Adults
To make memories, new neurons must erase older ones
New brain findings on dyslexic children
Children with autism show slower pupil responses, MU study finds
Children with autism more likely to have handwriting problems
Scientists successfully reprogram blood cells
UCI embryonic stem cell therapy restores walking ability in rats with neck injuries
Stem cells restore cognitive abilities impaired by brain tumor treatment, UCI study finds
Babies' language learning starts from the womb
Babies with an accent
Mobile microscopes illuminate the brain
Clinical tests begin on medication to correct Fragile X defect
This is your brain on fatty acids
Master regulator found for regenerating nerve fibers in live animals
1 shot of gene therapy and children with congenital blindness can now see
Quick and easy diagnosis for mitochondrial disorders
General anesthetics lead to learning disabilities in animal models
Study surprise yields new target for assessing genes linked to autism
Infant sucking habits may affect how baby talks
Treatment for epilepsy is a possible culprit for development of schizophrenia
A master mechanism for regeneration?
Children's blood lead levels linked to lower test scores
Study finds mercury levels in children with autism and those developing typically are the same
Researchers optimizing progesterone for brain injury treatment
Scientists demonstrate link between genetic defect and brain changes in schizophrenia
Researchers identify promising therapeutic target for central nervous system injuries
Rare procedure documents how the human brain computes language
BCM scientists find 'molecular trigger' for sudden death in epilepsy
Experts summarize state of the science in autism disorders
Don't block folic acid in early pregnancy
Duke Studies New Approach in Fetal Transplants for Metabolic Disorders
Stanford scientist's new findings of autism-associated synapse alterations lead to coveted NIH grant
Genetics of patterning the cerebral cortex
Scans show learning 'sculpts' the brain's connections
Study pinpoints key mechanism in brain development, raising question about use of antiseizure drug
1 small step for neurons, 1 giant leap for nerve cell repair
Genome-wide study of autism published in Nature
Eating liquorice in pregnancy may affect a child's IQ and behavior
UNC study pinpoints gene controlling number of brain cells
Cholesterol necessary for brain development
Umbilical cord blood as a readily available source for off-the-shelf, patient-specific stem cells
Leg movement training in preterm infants demonstrates positive changes in motor skills
Universal screening lowers risk of severe jaundice in infants
Mechanism for potential Friedreich's ataxia drug uncovered
Infant pain, adult repercussions
How mitochondrial gene defects impair respiration, other major life functions
Increased risk of birth defects after PCE exposure
Schizophrenia gene linked with abnormal neurogenesis in adult and postnatal brain
University of Iowa scientists use blood-brain barrier as therapy delivery system
Rare Genetic Disease Successfully Reversed Using Stem Cell Transplantation
UCLA scientists make paralyzed rats walk again after spinal-cord injury
Pediatric strokes more than twice as common as previously reported
Memories of the way they used to be
New links between epilepsy and brain lipids
Out of darkness, sight
Yale team finds mechanism that constructs key brain structure
Landmark study sheds new light on human chromosomal birth defects
Canadian scientists uncover a new mechanism regulating fetal growth and neonatal survival
Supplementing babies' formula with DHA boosts cognitive development
Rutgers Research: Direct Evidence of the Role of Sleep in Memory Formation is Uncovered
Guideline: Kids with small head size at risk of neurologic problems, screening needed
Understanding the implications of prenatal testing for Down syndrome
First stem cell clinical trial for treating brain's "communication highway" to begin
MassGeneral Hospital for Children study explains some mysteries of neonatal seizures
Deficits in brain's reward system observed in ADHD patients
Researchers identify critical gene for brain development, mental retardation
Transplanted human stem cells prolong survival in mouse model of rare brain disease
New study shows those blinded by brain injury may still 'see'
Clemson University researcher regenerates brain tissue in traumatic injuries
Vitamin C deficiency impairs early brain development
MSU researchers use newborn blood data to study cerebral palsy
Removing the barriers of autism
Caltech neuroscientists find brain region responsible for our sense of personal space
Getting wired: how the brain does it
OHSU Primate Center scientists develop gene therapy method to prevent some inherited diseases
Fly eyes help researchers 'see' new proteins involved in memory
'Housekeeping' genes play important role in developmental pathways of cells
How meningitis bacteria attack the brain
Scripps Research, UCSD, and University of Oslo team ties genetic variations to brain size
Obstructive sleep apnea is prevalent in adults with Down syndrome
Children with newly diagnosed epilepsy at risk for cognitive problems
Essential nutrient found in eggs may help lower risk of neural tube defects
Discovery of genetic mutation in Leigh syndrome
Antibodies to strep throat bacteria linked to obsessive compulsive disorder in mice
New groundbreaking treatment for oxygen-deprived newborns
Abnormal Brain Circuits May Prevent Movement Disorder
Genetic risk, not anesthesia exposure, impacts cognitive performance
Millions of US children low in vitamin D
Epilepsy halted in mice
Reprogramming human cells without inserting genes
Therapy should extend beyond childhood
Experimental treatment halts hypoxic-ischemic brain injury in newborns
Why we learn more from our successes than our failures
Neuronal survival and axonal regrowth obtained in vitro
Researchers Develop "Brain-Reading" Methods To Uncover A Person's Mental State
Scientists shed new light on cause of inherited movement disorder
An inner 'fingerprint' for personalizing medical care
Daily potassium citrate wards off kidney stones in seizure patients on high-fat diet
Tension in axons is essential for synaptic signaling, researchers report
Brain develops motor memory for prosthetics
The Fancier the Cortex, the Smarter the Brain?
Fetal short-term memory found in 30-week-old fetuses
Parts of brain involved in social cognition may be in place by age 6
New genetic study of Asperger syndrome, autistic traits and empathy
Timing is everything: Growth factor keeps brain development on track
St. Jude scientists discover a new mechanism controlling neuronal migration
Foster care may boost brain activity of institutionalized children
Duke, UNC scientists create entirely new way to study brain function
Study pinpoints drugs that prevent epilepsy, seizures after severe brain injury
Active genes discovered in the developing mammal brain
Children's Hospital Oakland scientist characterizes new syndrome of allergy, apraxia, malabsorption
Making the difficult task of transporting a child with special needs safer
Hush Little Baby... Linking Genes, Brain, and Behavior in Children
Dynamic molecular mechanism to keep brain activity stable
Alzheimer's disease drug treats traumatic brain injury, report GUMC researchers
Newborn brain cells show the way
Of yeast and men: Unraveling the molecular mechanisms of Friedreich's ataxia
Mothers of children with autism have higher parental stress, psychological distress
Single gene mutation responsible for 'catastrophic epilepsy'
New Study Pinpoints Difference in the Way Children With Autism Learn New Behaviors
CU-Boulder study shows brain's immune system may cause chronic seizures
MS study offers theory for why repair of brain's wiring fails
To Repair a Brain
Debate on administration of magnesium sulfate to pregnant women to prevent cerebral palsy in preterm infants
Mayo Clinic Proceedings reviews deep brain stimulation to treat psychiatric diseases
UT Southwestern, Parkland to test whether estrogen could improve outcomes after traumatic brain injury, shock
Engineering autism: Mice with extra chromosome region show many autistic signs
More gene mutations linked to autism risk
Mouse Model Provides Clues to Human Language Development
Measuring intellectual disability
ADHD genes found, known to play roles in neurodevelopment
Scientists capture the first image of memories being made
UC Davis researchers visualize formation of a new synapse
New findings encourage more vigilant monitoring of seizure activity among intensive care patients
Study finds autistics better at problem-solving
Protein regulates movement of mitochondria in brain cells
Landmark Stem Cells Trial Yields Positive Results
Specific genetic cause of fetal alcohol-related developmental disorders found
Rutgers Research Tackles Childhood Epilepsy
Relationship found between napping, hyperactivity, depression and anxiety
Engineered pig stem cells bridge the mouse-human gap
Drug's epilepsy-prevention effect may be widely applicable
Findings in epilepsy gene in animals may guide treatment directions for infants
Protein linked to mental retardation controls synapse maturation, plasticity, CSHL team finds
Caltech scientists reveal how neuronal activity is timed in brain's memory-making circuits
MIT: Long-distance brain waves focus attention
Music may improve feeding, reduce pain in premature babies: U of A study
A new mouse model provides insight into genetic neurological disorders
Capturing the birth of a synapse
In rare disease, a familiar protein disrupts gene function
Scientists reaching consensus on how brain processes speech
Nervous system may be culprit in deadly muscle disease
UnMASCing diseases of the brain
Protein identified as critical to insulating the body's wiring could also become treatment target
New gene linked to autism risk, especially in boys
Scientists discover neurons that 'mirror' the attention of others
Special protein helps maintain an efficient brain
Autism in the UK costs more than $41 billion every year, shows new research
Identification of a key molecular pathway required for brain neural circuit formation
Break through in the treatment of bacterial meningitis
Brain chemical reduces anxiety, increases survival of new cells
New imaging technique reveals structural changes in Tourette's
Traumatic brain injury haunts children for years with variety of functional problems: 2 studies
UNC-Duke study: Impaired brain plasticity linked to Angelman syndrome learning deficits
Research suggests children can recover from autism
UCLA scientists reveal how deadly pediatric disorder develops in brain
Camphor-containing Products May Cause Seizures in Children
Researchers surprised by similar structures in Sanfilippo syndrome and Alzheimer's disease
Imaging study finds evidence of brain abnormalities in toddlers with autism
Research shows wide age gap between possible and actual autism diagnosis
Carnegie Mellon Researchers Identify New Drug To Prevent Seizure Progression in Model of Epilepsy
Children with concussions require follow-up care before returning to play, say researchers
Iron deficiency in womb may delay brain maturation in preemies
Hypertensive kids more likely to have learning/attention problems
First Neuroimaging Study Examining Motor Execution in Children With Autism Reveals Brain Activation Differences
Brain processes written words as unique 'objects,' GUMC neuroscientists say
Risk of autism tied to genes that influence brain cell connections
Autism may be linked to being firstborn, breech births or moms 35 or older
Researchers discover that gene switches on during development of epilepsy
Genetics can mediate vulnerability to alcohol's effects during pregnancy
Mouse model provides a new tool for investigators of human developmental disorder
New insight into Rett syndrome severity
The genetic X-factor
Maternal immune response to fetal brain during pregnancy a key factor in some autism
DECIPHERing human disease
Tourette syndrome misconceptions only one battle for patients
Melatonin is an effective treatment for sleep problems in children with autism
Creating Ideal Neural Cells for Clinical Use
Researchers identify how PCBs may alter in utero, neonatal brain development
UCSF team closer to creating safe embryonic-like stem cells
Human ES cells progress slowly in myelin's direction
Researchers regenerate axons necessary for voluntary movement
Picture this: Digital album puts focus on kids' health
Autism linked with stress hormone levels
Einstein scientists propose new theory of autism
Blood test for brain injuries gains momentum
By Shutting Down Inflammation, Agent Reverses Damage from Spinal Cord Injury in Preclinical Studies
Study of cat diet leads to key nervous system repair discovery
Brain building: Study shows brain growth tied to cell division in mouse embryos
Autism skews developing brain with synchronous motion and sound
When it comes to intelligence, size matters
Inconsistent performance speed among children with ADHD may underlie how well they use memory
Don't rely on jaundiced eye for assessing newborns
Mayo researchers find link between anesthesia exposure and learning disabilities in children
Astrocytes help separate man from mouse
Surgery Safe for Babies & Toddlers Suffering from Seizures
LMO4 plays matchmaker, maintains neuronal balance
Heightened level of amygdala activity may cause social deficits in autism
New research suggests common anti-seizure medications may increase risk of cardiovascular problems
Therapeutic hypothermia is promising strategy to minimize tissue damage
Living Jumper Cables: Lab-Grown Nerves Promote Nerve Regeneration After Injury, Penn Study Finds
Vaccine against CMV shows promise in clinical trial
Mothers have key role in family life for children with technology dependencies
MIT: Why we have difficulty recognizing faces in photo negatives
Study gives more proof that intelligence is largely inherited
Brain abnormality found in boys with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Search for blood pressure secrets reveals a surprising new syndrome
Researchers identify cause for severe pediatric epilepsy disorder
Unraveling the roots of dyslexia
Well-known enzyme is unexpected contributor to brain growth
Hyperbaric treatment for autism reports significant clinical improvements
Over half of kids born very early need extra help at mainstream schools
Obama opens up stem cell work, science inquiries
Stem cells replace stroke-damaged tissue in rats
USC researchers identify gene variant associated with both autism and gastrointestinal dysfunction
Low levels of vitamin B12 may increase risk for neural tube defects
Stunning finding: Compounds protect against cerebral palsy
UCLA stem cells scientists make electrically active motor neurons from iPS cells
New approach to dental visits may ease kids' fears
Echoes discovered in early visual brain areas play role in working memory
Case report of a brain and spinal tumor following human fetal stem cell therapy
Taurine: Key to the visual toxicity of an anti-epileptic drug for children?
Robots that monitor emotions of ASD children
An inexhaustible source of neural cells
Caregivers not receiving the help they need, study shows
Penn Study Shows Why Sleep is Needed to Form Memories
Canadian scientists read minds with infrared scan
MIT: A possible treatment for Rett syndrome
Scientists narrow search for genes associated with the ability to 'see' sounds
Single factor converts adult stem cells into embryonic-like stem cells
Discovery by Brown researchers could lead to new autism treatment
What your mother did when she was a child may have an effect on your memory
Weizmann Institute Scientists Show Extra Copies of a Gene Carry Extra Risk
Don't go changing: New chemical keeps stem cells young
Zinc supplements during pregnancy may counteract damage from early alcohol exposure
New insights into growth factor's role in brain development
Turning down gene expression promotes nerve cell maintenance
Controversial Medication May Decrease Spasms for Infants With Epilepsy
New screening test can determine whether children have a swallowing disorder
Vaccines and Autism: Many Hypotheses, But No Correlation
Umbilical cord protein analysis detects early onset infection
Study finds preemies more likely to score positive
First gene discovered for most common form of epilepsy
CSHL scientists clarify editing error underlying genetic neurodegenerative disease
Astrocytes regulate sleep pressure and memory deficits associated with sleep deprivation
Working Artificial Nerve Networks
Newborn brain cells 'time-stamp' memories
Surprising discoveries contribute to memory research
Researchers iron out new role for serotonin
Crib-side studies help struggling newborns go home without feeding tubes
UC Irvine Preps for World's 1st Stem Cell Tests in Humans
Mind Out of Balance, Body Out of Balance
Evolution and epilepsy
Dynamical theory and novel 4-D colorimetric method reveal modus operandi of intact living brain
Preterm birth: Magnesium sulphate cuts cerebral palsy risk
Motor skill learning may be enhanced by mild brain stimulation
New step in DNA damage response in neurons discovered
World breakthrough in treating premature babies
Genetic variation cues social anxiety in monkeys and humans
Children's National scientists uncover key developmental mechanisms of the amygdala
Evolution of new brain area enables complex movements
Switchboard in the brain helps us learn and remember at the same time
Promising new drug being evaluated as possible treatment option for fragile X syndrome
Preterm births rise 36 percent since early 1980s
Hormone important in recognizing familiar faces
Study Yields Clues About the Evolution of Epilepsy
New infant formula safety advice could prevent infant suffering
Genetic mutation causes familial susceptibility for degenerative brain disease
Most babies with uncomplicated febrile seizures can avoid spinal tap
Transcendental meditation reduces ADHD symptoms among students: New study
Matrix fragments trigger fatal excitement
Hebrew University scientists succeed through stem cell therapy in reversing brain birth defects
Motor nerve targeting to limb muscles is controlled by ephrin proteins
Rice psychologist identifies area of brain key to choosing words
Patient-derived induced stem cells retain disease traits
Yeast mimics severity of mutations leading to fatal childhood illness
Premature babies have altered sensory responses in later life
How mirror neurons allow us to learn and socialize by going through the motions in the head
Prenatal alcohol exposure damages white matter, the brain's connective network
Study Indicates How We Make Proper Movements
Decreased activity of basal ganglia is the main cause of abnormal muscle constrictions in dystonia
New method of scoring IQ tests benefits children with intellectual disabilities
Single virus used to convert adult cells to embryonic stem cell-like cells
UC Davis researchers discover new mechanism for attentional control in the human brain
The profound effects of numbing agents
What you give, might not always be received
Late preterm births present serious risks to newborns
'Fly guy' makes memory breakthrough
Brain deletion of FK506-binding protein enhances repetitive behaviors in mice
Mayo Clinic finds it generally safe to withdraw anti-seizure medication in children with epilepsy
New Target Discovered to Treat Epileptic Seizures Following Brain Trauma or Stroke
The International Society for Stem Cell Research releases new guidelines
What's good for the mouse is good for the monkey: Skin cells reprogrammed into stem cells
It takes two to tango
Epilepsy drug may increase risk of autism in children
High levels of prenatal smoking exposure affect sleep patterns in preterm neonates
Brain's magnetic fields reveal language delays in autism
Baffling chronic pain linked to rewiring of brain
Fruit fly discovery generates buzz about brain-damaging disorder in children
M.I.N.D. Institute researchers call for fragile X testing throughout the lifespan
Researchers try to solve mystery of autism
Oh, what a feeling!
Carnegie Mellon theory of visual computation reveals how brain makes sense of natural scenes
International team discovers gene associated with epilepsy
Novel imaging technique reveals brain abnormalities that may play key role in ADHD
Microarray analysis improves prenatal diagnosis
Researchers find link between nicotine addition and autism
Sleep helps people learn complicated tasks
Drug therapy for premature infants destroys brain cells in mice
Cooling the brain prevents cell death in young mice exposed to anesthesia
Forgotten but not gone - how the brain takes care of things
Protein can nurture or devastate brain cells, depending on its 'friends
USC researchers identify key mechanism that regulates the development of stem cells into neurons
What makes an axon an axon?
Silencing growth inhibitors could help recovery from brain injury
Study Finds ADHD Affects Motor Skills of Boys More Than Girls
Precipitation levels may be associated with autism
AMA journal publishes by Cornell Researchers study showing evidence of a major environmental trigger for autism
Study of learning disabled mice shows balance in the brain is key
Baby Talk: The Roots of the Early Vocabulary in Infants' Learning From Speech
Without glial cells, animals lose their senses
Ultrasound shown to exert remote control of brain circuits
Researchers find aggressive phototherapy can improve neurodevelopmental outcomes in some preemies
Methylmercury warning
Penn Researchers Find Key to Sonic Hedgehog Control of Brain Development
Scientists identify new gene responsible for puberty disorders
In mice, anxiety is linked to immune system
Are you phonagnosic?
Memory function varies after damage to key area of the brain
Seeing a brain as it learns to see
The Effect of Gamma Waves on Cognitive and Language Skills in Children
Gene screen to identify causes of autism
Biomarkers for identifying infant infections
Astrocytes and synaptic plasticity
Clue to genetic cause of fatal birth defect
M.I.N.D. Institute researchers find important clue to learning deficit in children with autism
Stabilizing force for good communication between neurons and muscle cells found
Scientists adapt economics theory to trace brain's information flow
Circadian clock may be critical for remembering what you learn
Learning how not to be afraid
Protein shown to play a key role in normal development of nervous system
New light on link between snoring and cognitive deficits in children
New Blood Test for Down Syndrome
Steroid Treatment Offers No Benefit In Preemies, Hopkins Children's Study Suggests
Learning to shape your brain activity
Direct recording shows brain signal persists even in dreamless sleep
Toddlers' focus on mouths rather than on eyes is a predictor of autism severity
Balancing the brain
Selective deletion of Rett syndrome gene provides insight into origin of complex behaviors
Researchers identify novel mechanism to reduce nervous system inflammation
Rare genetic disorder gives clues to autism, epilepsy, mental retardation
Getting lost -- a newly discovered developmental brain disorder
Iron-moving malfunction may underlie neurodegenerative diseases, aging
US researchers call off controversial autism study
Sole use of impaired limb improves recovery in spinal cord injury
Autism 'may be missed in girls'
MRI reveals inner ear anomalies in children with hearing loss
A second career for a growth factor receptor: keeping nerve axons on target
Aberrations in region of chromosome 1q21.1 associated with broad range of disorders in children
Calcium during pregnancy reduces harmful blood lead levels
New cytogenetics tests can help clarify pediatric diagnosis of complex developmental abnormalities
Diet may eliminate spasms for infants with epilepsy
Down's signs 'seen in stem cells'
Stem cell transplantation benefits mice with childhood motor neuron disease
New hope for treating common form of inherited neuromuscular disease
Virus weaves itself into the DNA transferred from parents to babies
The first autism disease genes
Pregnancy situations have impact on brain development in pre-term infants
Common treatment to delay labor decreases pre-term infants' risk for cerebral palsy
Scientists unmask brain's hidden potential
High cholesterol levels drop naturally in children on high-fat anti-seizure diet, Hopkins study show
UBC scientist unveils secret of newborn's first words
Unusual ultrasonic vocalization patterns in mice may be useful for modeling autism
New hope for stroke patients
Infections linked to premature births more common than thought, Stanford study finds
Researchers skeptical of foreign treatment
Rice lab finds molecular clues to Wilson disease
UNC study: 'chilling' hardship rates among families raising disabled children
Immune response to human embryonic stem cells in mice suggests human therapy may face challenge
Model for Angelman syndrome developed by University of Texas at Austin biologists
Caring for a Special Needs Child Can Be Difficult for Business Travelers
Sound adds speed to visual perception
Researchers block damage to fetal brain following maternal alcohol consumption
Childhood Brain Tumor Traced to Stem Cells Gone Bad
New insight into most common forebrain malformation
Febrile Seizure Should Be Less Of A Concern For Parents
Daley and colleagues create 20 disease-specific stem cell lines
Trigger for brain plasticity identified
Lack of time on tummy shown to hinder achievement
UT Houston Researchers Study Diet In Autistic Children
When neurons fire up: Study sheds light on rhythms of the brain
Researchers find differences in swallowing mechanism of Rett syndrome patients
Minimizing Neurological Damage From Infant At-Birth Trauma With Moderate Whole-Body Cooling
Eye Movement Disorder Caused by Improper Development of Motor Neurons
Robot playmates may help children with autism
Antimicrobial Sutures Reduce Infections in Brain Shunt Surgery, Study Finds
Adult stem cells activated in mammalian brain
Prenatal alcohol exposure found to affect key developmental brain proteins
UNC, Caltech research finds further evidence for genetic contribution to autism
Old eyes can learn new tricks; findings offer hope for adults with 'lazy eye'
Common mechanisms may underlie autism's seemingly diverse mutations
Cost of raising a child with special needs: Where does your state rank?
Researchers unveil near-complete protein catalog for mitochondria
Location, location, location
Scientists learn how food affects the brain - and those of your kids
Human embryonic stem cells developed from 4-cell embryo; world first may lessen ethical concerns
10,000 people in world-first cerebral palsy study
Get smart about what you eat and you might actually improve your intelligence
Seizures in newborns can be detected with small, portable brain activity monitors
Resuscitation technique after brain injury may do more harm than good, researchers find
New map IDs the core of the human brain
Child strokes going 'undiagnosed'
Toys and technology for rehabilitation in cerebral palsy patients
Researchers link early stem cell mutation to autism
Migraine mutations reveal clues to biological basis of disorder
Salk researchers reprogram adult stem cells in their natural environment
Low birth weight, prematurity may raise autism risk
A simple therapy for brain injury
Scientists find how neural activity spurs blood flow in the brain
Lack of fragile X and related gene fractures sleep
Low childhood IQ linked to type of dementia
Study uncovers how Ritalin works in brain to boost cognition, focus attention
Drug reverses mental retardation caused by genetic disorder
Mental and physical exercise improves genetic mental impairment
MIT unlocks mystery behind brain imaging
Neuroscientists Uncover Possible Link Between Different Forms of Epilepsy
Carnegie Mellon brain imaging study illustrates how remedial instruction helps poor readers
Missing protein in Fragile X Syndrome is key to transporting signals within neurons
Hox genes control the path of neurons responsible for development of the nervous system
Study identifies brain pathway that shuts down seizures
Brain stem cells can be awakened, say Schepens scientists
Human Stem Cells Show Promise Against Fatal Children's Diseases
Microsurgery on the brain of the fruit fly leads to new insights into irreparable nerve injuries
Mammalian neurogenesis breaks into the most static brain region
New Stem Cell Therapy May Aid the Repair of Damaged Brains
Carnegie Mellon computer model reveals how brain represents meaning
The Rett gene -- a rogue activator
UCLA/VA scientists identify genetic cause for a type of childhood epilepsy
New insights into cellular reprogramming revealed by genomic analysis
Brain cells help neighboring nerves regenerate
Brain's 'trust machinery' identified
Many paths, few destinations: How stem cells decide what they'll be
Scientists Discover a Molecular Scaffold That Guides Connections Between Brain Cells
Incense is psychoactive: Scientists identify the biology behind the ceremony
Turning back the clock for Schwann cells
Old antibiotic may find new life as a stroke treatment
Plant flavonoid found to reduce inflammatory response in the brain
New insights into the dynamics of the brain's cortex
First evidence of native dendritic cells in brain
Discovery of cell linked to learning and memory
Gene therapy slows progression of fatal neurodegenerative disease in children
MS can affect children's IQ, thinking skills
Mutant gene causes epilepsy, intellectual disability in women
Researchers uncover mechanism of action of antibiotic able to reduce neuronal cell death in brain
Does the brain control muscles or movements?
The Montreal Children's Hospital of the MUHC begins search for causes of autism
Study uses music to explore the autistic brain's emotion processing
Breastfeeding may improve children's intelligence scores
Birdsongs give insights into learning new behaviors
Iron supplements might harm infants who have enough
Pill ingredient could prevent brain damage after head injury
A life 'lens' ordinary
Transitioning patients with pediatric disease to adulthood
Growth hormone found to have new role in development of brain's smell center
Autistic mannerisms reduced by sensory treatment
New gene discovered for new form of intellectual disability
Pretermers bounce back from pain with a cuddle
Children with ADHD should get heart tests before treatment with stimulant drugs
Vitamin D in brain function
Chemotherapy causes delayed severe neural damage
Gestational age not only factor in outcome of severely premature healthy babies
Molecular basis for neurodegeneration in Ataxia telangiectasia
Brain study may lead to improved epilepsy treatments
Kids with autism may have gene that causes muscle weakness
Rutgers Research: Impairments in Language Development Can Be Detected in Infants as Young as Three Months
Getting forgetful? Then blueberries may hold the key
Scientists ask whether microscaffolding can help stem cells rebuild brain after stroke damage
Method to deliver molecules within embryonic stem cells improves differentiation
Diabetes drug may hold potential as treatment for epilepsy, using same mechanism as ketogenic diet
Study supports theory that rise in autism is related to changes in diagnosis
Repairing a damaged brain using correctly-targeted reinnervation
Harvard researchers publish MRI images of genes in action in the living brain
Preschool Kids Do Better On Tasks When They Talk To Themselves, Research Shows
Scientists find a key culprit in stroke brain cell damage
Key factor in brain development revealed, offers insight into disorder
Growth hormone found to have new role in development of brain's smell center
Epilepsy marked by neural 'hub' network
Special Diets And Autism
Preterm birth linked to lifelong health issues
In preparation for the financial future of your child
Deadly genetic disease prevented before birth in zebrafish
Levels of folate in men's diets is linked to chromosomal abnormalities in their sperm
Stopping a Receptor Called 'Nogo' Boosts the Synapses
Researchers discover second depth-perception method in brain
Amazing recovery attributed to cord blood
Post brain injury: New nerve cells originate from neural stem cells
Injection of human umbilical cord blood helps aging brain
Drosophila drug screen for fragile X syndrome finds promising compounds and potential drug targets
Scientific highlights of The Pediatric Brain Injury Workshop: Plasticity and Regenerative Therapy
Typical North American diet is deficient in omega-3 fatty acids
In Preparation for Natural Disasters
Brain network linked to contemplation in adults is less complex in children
Sticky blood protein yields clues to autism
With just 3 affected individuals, researchers find gene behind rare form of epilepsy
Autism's origins: Mother's antibody production may affect fetal brain
Genetic tags reveal secrets of memories' staying power in mice
Newly discovered role of thyroid hormone during pregnancy
Scientists Shed Light on Long-Distance Signaling in Developing Neurons
Antibiotics do not appear helpful in preventing fluid buildup in children with ear infections
Effective ADHD Treatment Found for Children with Fragile X Syndrome
Craniosynostosis minimally invasive surgery holds more promise than old procedure
Prenatal exposure to maternal antibodies linked to autistic behaviors in offspring
Brain study suggests way to measure, treat autism
NIH scientists detect fatal copper disorder at birth
Chemical chaperone could open door to treatment of neurological disorder
Study shows variety of approaches help children overcome auditory processing and language problems
Stem cells treat babies before birth
Stem cell therapy studies for stroke, cerebral palsy prepare for clinical trials
Over-the-counter eardrops may cause hearing loss or damage
Stroke victims may benefit from stem cell transplants
In silico modeling helps predict severity of mitochondrial disease
Deafness and seizures result when mysterious protein deleted in mice
New approach to detect autism earlier
Study raises questions about diagnosis, medical treatment of ADHD
Unravelled: brain's memory switch
Chromosomal abnormalities play substantial role in autism
Discovery of 'creator' gene for cerebral cortex points to potential stem cell treatments
Our Understanding of Movement Is on the Move
Identification of a novel neural stem cell type
Simple test accurately predicts risk of serious jaundice in newborns
UCLA scientists identify new genetic link to autism
Recurrent genetic deletion linked to autism
Bacterial infections in premature babies more common than previously realized
Better access to cool caps improves outcomes, lowers cost of treating asphyxia in newborns
Removing thimerosal from vaccines did not reduce autism cases in California
All stem cells are not the same!
A Better Way to Take Care While Traveling
First autism prevention study launched by University of Washington
Atomic Structure Of Proteins Altered In Autism
Carnegie Mellon study identifies where thoughts of familiar objects occur inside the human brain
How an Atkins-like diet can treat epilepsy: Leptin attenuates rodent seizure severity
Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Created That Avoid Immune Rejection in Large Segments of the Population
Gene therapy 'corrects fragile X'
Dolphin 'therapy' a dangerous fad, Emory researchers warn
Early treatment stops epilepsy in its tracks
Immune system may target some brain synapses, Stanford researchers find
Experts urge complete global access to iodized salt; prevents IQ loss and brain damage in babies
Research unveils new hope for deadly childhood disease
Regenerating Nerves
Cord blood viable option for kids with life-threatening metabolic disorders
Study finds first-ever genetic animal model of autism
New studies suggest brain overgrowth in 1-year-olds linked to development of autism
What are static brain injuries?
Stem cells show power to predict disease, drug toxicity
MIT: Missing protein may be key to autism
Bone marrow cell transplants help nerve regeneration
Human embryonic stem cell -- derived bone tissue closes massive skull injury
Mitochondria defects linked to social behavior and spatial memory
Study finds genetic testing may help people with severe type of migraine
Slow reading in dyslexia tied to disorganized brain tracts
Treacherous Toys: What's Safe to Give Kids this Christmas?
Novel imaging technique shows gray matter increase in brains of autistic children
MIT: Stem-cell therapies for brain more complicated than thought
'Cocktail' of compounds improves brain function in rodents
Salk scientists identify key nerve navigation pathway
Common Drug for Stopping Preterm Labor may be Harmful for Babies
Molecular 'foreman' discovered for brain wiring
Shinya Yamanaka reprograms human adult cells
CU study: Lead levels even well below U.S. standard may cause brain damage in children
Migraine brains 'are different'
MIT IDs proteins key to brain function
Carnegie Mellon neuroscientist proposes new theory of brain flexibility
'Speed of thought' guides brain's memory consolidation
Largest study to investigate risk factors of autism to begin enrolling families
Human embryonic stem cells derived from preimplantation genetically diagnosed embryos
Cancer gene drives pivotal decision in early brain development
Ohio scientists develop blue-blocking glasses to improve sleep and ADHD symptoms
Brain matures a few years late in ADHD, but follows normal pattern
Seaweed Transformed Into Stem Cell Technology
Team of Scientists Develops Non-Invasive Method to Track Nerve-Cell Development in Live Human Brain
Caffeine Therapy Reduces Neurodevelopmental Disability in Preterm Infants
Mirror, Mirror In The Brain: Mirror Neurons, Self-understanding And Autism Research
Brains of term infants with heart disease resemble those of preemies
Immune System Research Hold Promise For Alzheimer's, Stroke, And Mental Disorders
Children with gene show reduced cognitive function
Epilepsy genes 'may cut seizures'
Diet of walnuts, blueberries found to improve cognition
Research Reveals A Link Between Pets and Health
Sound training rewires dyslexic children's brains for reading
Rosemary Chicken Protects Your Brain From Free Radicals
Stem cells can improve memory after brain injury
Treadmill training helps Down syndrome babies walk months earlier
Epilepsy-induced brain cell damage prevented in the laboratory
Obesity-related hormone is higher in children with Down syndrome
Imaging shows structural changes in mild traumatic brain injury
New study shows that therapeutic gene expression can be sustainable for 1 year
MSU researcher helps develop computer game for Ugandan children recovering from cerebral malaria
Autism Consortium releases data on genes involved in autism to researchers worldwide
The accumulation of sugar in neurons may explain the origin of several neurodegenerative diseases
MIT: blood may help us think
Brain cell growth diminishes long before old age strikes, animal study shows
Computerized training of working memory is a promising therapeutic strategy in ADHD
New insight into childhood metabolic disease
One shot of gene therapy spreads through brain in animal study
UCI researchers restore memory process in most common form of mental disability
Brain needs perfection in synapse number
UT Southwestern investigating hypothermic technique in treating pediatric head injuries
Low maternal cholesterol tied to premature birth
Engineers study brain folding in higher mammals
Scientists make gut-brain connection to autism
Study shows autism symptoms can improve into adulthood
Multiple corticosteroid injections in pregnant women may increase cerebral palsy
Scientists identify fundamental brain defect, probable drug target in fragile X syndrome
Stem cell agency names new president
A molecule that protects from neuronal disorders
Most Comprehensive Study of Mercury in Dental Fillings Begins
Zebrafish to shed light on human mitochondrial diseases
New study: Pine bark extract reduces ADHD symptoms in children
Putting stem cell research on the fast track
Rochester Receives $1.2 Million to Battle Rare Childhood Disease
Stem cell research produces a key discovery for Fragile X Syndrome
Embryonic stem cell strategy advanced with UCSF finding
Embryonic Stem Cells Thrive When Shaken
Researchers develop mouse model of autism spectrum disorders
Parents warned of additives link
Specific brain protein required for nerve cell connections to form and function
Blood-flow detector software show promise in preventing brain damage
2007 Young Neuroscientists' Workshop
When is a stem cell not really a stem cell?
Research may unlock mystery of autism's origin in the brain
Lobes of Steel
Milestone in the regeneration of brain cells: Supportive cells generate new nerve cells
Brain cells work differently than previously thought
Nerve cell stretchiness uncovered
PFOS and PFOA Exposure Associated with Lower Birth Weight and Size
Early cord clamping may harm baby
Scientists link fragile X tremor/ataxia syndrome to binding protein in RNA
Vision restoration therapy shown to improve brain activity in brain injured patients
New Research Discovers Independent Brain Networks Control Human Walking
UCLA scientists produce functioning neurons from human embryonic stem cells
Gene predicts better outcome as cortex normalizes in teens with ADHD
Not all embryonic stem cell lines are created equal
Discovery of novel nerve cell modulator offers potential for mood disorders, epilepsy treatments
The matrix of autism
Rutgers Scientists Discover Brain Cell Development Process Implicated in Mental Retardation
Study discovers link between increased white matter and poor motor skills in children with autism
The future of medicine: Insert chip, cure disease?
New model for autism suggests women carry the disorder and explains age as a risk factor
Findings of Sly Syndrome Discoverer Important for Other Diseases
Santa Barbara Parents Pose New PAC Model
Evidence found for novel brain cell communication
Ability to listen to 2 things at once is largely inherited, says twin study
Purdue-IU researchers explore new method for early disease diagnosis
Research Finds Faster Grammar Skills in Children with Tourette's
Mild stress in the womb may worsen risk of cerebral palsy
Children's scientists discover fundamental protein instrumental to brain development and repair
Study of Kids' Brains Hopes to Answer: What Is Normal?
From the corner of the eye: Paying attention to attention
Insight into neural stem cells has implications for designing therapies
Blood clotting protein may inhibit spinal cord regeneration
New study shows half of children with autism can be accurately diagnosed at close to 1 year of age
Scientists Reverse Symptoms of Autism in Mice
Scientists identify first gene linked to scoliosis
CNS Foundation Honors Our Amazing Dads Around the Globe
Autism-related proteins control nerve excitability, researchers find
Study suggests other causes for childhood brain aneurysms
Intractable epilepsy tied to nutritional deficits
Fish oil showing promise in kids' brain disorders
Researchers reveal structure of protein altered in autism
Researchers identify fifth gene responsible for Joubert syndrome
'Lucky 13' as new gene discovery offers further hope for childhood blindness
Breastfeeding may help protect against a childhood sleep-related breathing disorder
Children with sleep disorder symptoms are more likely to have trouble academically
BOSTON GLOBE EDITORIAL-Clear all paths on stem cells
Experts call for urgent research into anti-epileptic drugs given to children
Crucial progress in understanding Fragile X mental retardation protein
Stanford researchers track human stem cells transplanted into rat brain
Fragile X syndrome -- A stimulating environment restores neuronal function in mice
A first -- Hebrew University scientist observes brain cell development in 'real time'
New adult brain cells may be central to lifelong learning
Check and balance for neuron activity provides insight into schizophrenia, seizures
MIT reports key pathway in synaptic plasticity
Commonly Used Drug Offers Promise for Premature Babies
Study finds no link between autism and thimerosal in vaccines
High court clears way for California stem-cell institute financing
Debra Waltman!
Tina Iacono!
CNS Celebrates Amazing Moms!
Susan Filar!
Study finds regions of DNA that appear linked to autistic spectrum disorders
SUMO wrestling in the brain
Researchers learn more about genetic mutation linked to autism
Researchers find that later-life diseases resulting from fetal and infant toxicity have common immune pattern
Amazed in Arizona
Estrogen fluctuation affects epileptic seizures
Mice with a migraine show signs of brain damage
Young children with epilepsy seizures could benefit from animal model of disease
Moonlighting enzyme linked to neurodegenerative disease
Stanford scientists make major breakthrough in regenerative medicine
New genes identified in childhood fever-related seizures
Class of PCB's causes developmental abnormalities in rat pups
Mary Schneider's Story: Stem Cells and a Mother's Unrelenting Drive to Reverse Her Son's Cerebral Palsy
A Parent's Perspective on Mary Schneider's Story
UCLA/Toronto researchers unlock key to memory storage in brain
Doctor scrutinized for stem-cell treatment
3 proteins may play important role in nerve-cell repair
Different approach needed to protect brains of premature infants
Fragile X, Down syndromes linked to faulty brain communication
MIT model helps researchers 'see' brain development
Stop signs: Study identifies 'braking' mechanism in the brain
Babies who don't respond to their names may be at risk for developmental disorders, including autism
Chromosomal microarray analysis proves accurate
Neuroscientists find different brain regions fuel attention
New Research Shows Why Too Much Memory May Be a Bad Thing
MIT neuroengineers' pulsing light silences overactive neurons
'The eyes have it' -- autism research yields surprising results
Improving outcomes in premature births
Severe mental retardation gene mutation identified
Video Games Shown to Improve Vision
Giving Voice to a Source Within
CNS Foundation Grantee Dr. Evan Snyder Repays Special-Needs Community With Important Stem Cell Publication
Stem cells act through multiple mechanisms to benefit mice with neurodegenerative disease
When your brain talks, your muscles don't always listen
Omega-3s boost grey matter, findings may explain why omega-3s seem to improve mood
Researchers discover gene essential to cerebellum formation
The Sensational Brain
Does tooth-brushing cause epilepsy seizures?
Most children in US hospitals receive medicines off-label
After scrutiny, preemie lung treatments turn out to be safe, effective
Severe PTSD damages children's brains, Stanford/Packard study shows
Deakin University researcher unveils pregnancy mystery
Rare cell prevents rampant brain activity
Size of brain areas does matter -- but bigger isn't necessarily better
Brain works more chaotically than previously thought
Delft University of Technology designs language development toy for autistic children
Experimental vaccine given during pregnancy reduces stillbirths from common virus
U of MN doctors uncover treatment for advanced ALD patients
Hope for Daniel
Boosting brain power-with chocolate
Largest-ever search for autism genes reveals new clues
Harnessing the brain's plasticity key to treating neurological damage
CNS Recommends The Evolving Brain: The Known and the Unknown by R. Grant Steen, Ph.D.
Angelman syndrome deficits rescued in mice
Study offers treatment hope for Rett syndrome
Newborn brains grow vision and movement regions first
Environmental toxicants like lead, mercury target stem cells
Alzheimer's gene raises newborns' cerebral palsy risk
Autism may not be the only childhood psychiatric disorder on the rise
Gene found for rare disorder may reveal new pathway in mental retardation
Updated rates of common US neurological disorders
Mutant gene shatters nerves
Motor protein plays key role in connecting neurons
Dogs may be responding to psychological seizures, not epilepsy seizures
Can Epilepsy Patients Predict Their Seizures?
Studies yield insight into the numerical brain
Don't Tell Harrison What He Can't Do
Brain cleaner
Outcomes comparable for younger and older children with surgically implanted hearing aids
The musician in the mirror:New study shows brain rapidly forms link between sounds and actions that produce them
Research with adult and embryonic cells is essential
Cartoons to aid autistic children
New study challenges 'critical period' in childhood vision development
Brain studies reveal the mechanisms of the voluntary control of visual attention
How many genes does it take to learn?
New treatments prevent brain injury hours after stroke in rats
Cellular cues identified for stroke recovery
New neurons could act to alleviate epilepsy
Study: Stem cells can repair brain tissue
Chelation therapy reduces lead-exposure problems but could create lasting effects for children treated for autism, CU researcher
Key to brain age a matter of fallout
New dyslexia theory blames 'noise'
Hope grows as boy improves
UCSF stem cell study reveals cells' capability in mouse brain tissue repair
Brain wave changes in adolescence signal reorganization of the brain
Structure essential for brain remodeling identified
Treatment discovered for deadly childhood disease
Learning During Sleep?
Brain's fear center likely shrinks in autism's most severely socially impaired
Einstein researchers discover how a key dietary vitamin is absorbed
Protein protects against nerve degeneration
Overly active peptide cited as source of anxiety in Rett syndrome
Genetics a key factor in premature infants' devastating eye disease
Zinc plays important role in brain circuitry
Proteins anchor memories in our brain
Advance helps explain stem cell behavior
NIH Launches "Health Information Rx Program" on Newborn Screening and Related Genetic Disorders
Myelin to Blame for Many Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Adult neurogenesis newly adult-born neurons are functionally similar to mature neurons
U of MN researchers link early brain development to adult-onset neurodegenerative disease
Initial stages of the myelination process prove to be surprisingly dynamic
"little man"
Parents host benefit for brain disorders
CNS Foundation Welcomes Passage of Missouri Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative
Gene variant carries increased risk of autism
A silent pandemic: Industrial chemicals are impairing the brain development of children worldwide
Major breakthrough in the mechanism of myelin formation
Growth factor stimulates rapid extension of key motor neurons in brain
Dopamine Used to Prompt Nerve Tissue to Regrow
Identification of a key gene required for brain neural circuit formation
Vegetables, Not Fruit, Help Fight Memory Problems in Old Age
Making the connection between a sound and a reward changes brain and behavior
How brain injury leads to seizures, memory problems
Large subset of learning disabled children can be quickly identified by new diagnostic device
Carnegie Mellon Researchers Use New Imaging Technique To Discover Connection Differences in Brains of People With Autism
A natural chemical found in strawberries boosts memory in healthy mice
Commonplace sugar compound silences seizures
Gene linked to autism in families with more than one affected child
Clue to flaws in autistic brain
Down Syndrome: It's not just the age factor
Study by Children's Hospital and Carnegie Mellon explains crucial deficit in children with autism
Teenager moves video icons just by imagination
Innovative surgery corrects vision in kids with neurological disorders
A valuable fly for research into disease
New study: Preterm birth causes one-third of all infant deaths
Progesterone shows promise as treatment for traumatic brain injuries
Inheriting a Tendency to Brain Infection
FDA approves new epilepsy indication for Lamictal®
Copper helps brain function -- could tweaking circuits make us smarter?
Stem cell transplant trial to treat kids
When nerve cells can't make contact
Nanotechnology propels advances in regenerative medicine research
Compounds in cranberry juice show promise as alternatives to antibiotics
New National Institute of Mental Health research program launches autism trials
Epilepsy medication proving ineffective over time
Harvard scientists identify compounds that stimulate stem cell growth in the brain
Licensing Arrangement Reached for Antiepileptic Drug Developed at Hebrew University
Proteins necessary for brain development found to be critical for long-term memory
Patients warned over dangers of untested stem-cell wonder cures
Oxygen deprived brains repaired and saved
Healing potential discovered in everyday human brain cells
MRI scans in premature infants can predict future developmental delays
Study provides evidence that autism affects functioning of entire brain
Different genes may cause autism in boys and girls
Mice learn tasks that may help treat human psychiatric disorders
Early treatment prevents lasting breathing problems in some premature babies
Clinical-use stem cells made in Singapore
'Friend' protein keeps nerve signals in check
UCLA develops unique nerve-stimulation epilepsy treatment
CNS Was Well Represented at Stem Cell Legislation Press Conference called by Senator Richard J. Durbin (IL), Democratic Whip
Study establishes safety of spinal cord stem cell transplantation
Autistic brain has fewer neurons for processing emotion
New Neurons are Born: Animal Model of Premature Babies Shows Evidence of Neuronal Recovery After Brain Injury
Gene Mutations Responsible For Rett Syndrome In Females Present Sporadically in Males
Researchers gain insight into why brain areas fail to work together in autism
Envisioning a Neuro ICU for Preemies at UCSF
Author William Stillman Talks About his New Book Autism and the God Connection
New model of brain sheds light on triggers of autism
New research promising for improving brain cell survival after brain injury
Genetics behind developmental brain disorders may play a wider role with congenital diseases
Link Between Developmental Exposure to Pesticide and Increased Risk of Parkinson's Disease
Medium is the message for stem cells in search of identities
New Down syndrome gene identified by Stanford/Packard scientists
Measles Mumps Rubella and mercury-based immunizations cleared as causes of autism
'Rewired brain' revives patient after 19 years
DDT in mothers linked to developmental delays in children, UC Berkeley study finds
Research offers new hope for preterm babies
Key to early diagnosis of autism may be in the placenta
CME: Cuevas - Medek - Exercise
Long-Term Changes in Experience Cause Neurons to Sprout New Long-Lasting Connections
Neurons Grown From Embryonic Stem Cells Restore Function In Paralyzed Rats
Septum keeps neurons in synch, can reduce epileptic seizures by 90 percent
Rare disease's gene may illuminate major disorders
New roles for growth factors: Enticing nerve cells to muscles
Delayed Umbilical Cord Clamping Boosts Iron in Infants
The Need for Special Needs Trusts
New findings help pinpoint autism's genetic roots
Infants can organise visual information at just four months
My Experience with Abigail
Abnormal sleep patterns appear common in children with Down syndrome
Brain communicates in analog and digital modes simultaneously
ABR (Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation)
Scientists provide new evidence for cellular cause of SIDS
Controlling Your (Nerve) Impulses
Researchers find molecule that may hold key to learning and memory
Professor's research with hand-held device brings speech to impaired and disabled individuals
There's something fishy about human brain evolution
Mad cow protein aids creation of brain cells
Breakdown of myelin insulation in brain's wiring implicated in childhood developmental disorders
Neurons generated in the adult brain learn to respond to novel stimuli
Ketogenic diet prevents seizures by enhancing brain energy production, increasing neuron stability
Going beyond limits
Patient applications flood worldwide stem cell research center
An existing diuretic may suppress seizures in newborns
Trials for stem-cell treatment of brain disease
UCSF/Nobel Event Explores the Promise of Stem Cells
UQ researcher tracking key to healing the brain
It's a Miracle: Fia Richmond turns tragedy into the Children's Neurobiological Solutions Foundation
Certain Herbs and Supplements Can Help "Tummy Aches," But Others Should Be Avoided
Roots of epilepsy may lie in oft-ignored brain cells
Five CNS Children Take on City Hall in Support of Stem Cell Research
Stem Cell 'Alternatives' Fog the Debate
Brain Size May Depend Upon How Neural Cells Are Cleaved
Autism, mercury, and politics
Pomegranate juice for moms may help babies resist brain injury
Purdue scientists may have found key to halting spinal cord damage
Reality Snapshot Reality From a CNS Adult!
Danny's First Ride
Author Ann Parson Talks About Her New Book And Stem Cell Research
A Diet to Satiate the Brain and Calm the Tummy:
Drug May Protect Against Brain Injury and Seizures in Newborns
Baby Teeth Key To Human Repairs
Differences in language circuits in the brain linked to dyslexia
Study provides new insights into the implications of autism onset patterns
New period of brain "plasticity" created with transplanted embryonic cells
A Magical Way to Move Kids
Fetal surgery continues to advance
Sleeping Beauty Hooks Up with Herpes to Fight Brain Disease
Epilepsy patients caught in treatment gap are not getting state-of-the-art care
Research reveals lipids' unexpected role in triggering death of brain cells
Frequent consumption of certain types of fish during pregnancy and early childhood associated with poorer cognitive performance
Gene therapy technique slows brain disease
Fragile period of childhood brain development could underlie epilepsy
Strong link found between concussions and brain tissue injury
Unlikely genetic suspect implicated in common brain defect
Treating Lazy Eyes with a Joystick
MIT robotic therapy holds promise for cerebral palsy
Listening to pleasant music could help restore vision in stroke patients, suggests study
Multiple genes implicated in autism
Researchers discover brain's memory 'buffer' in single cells
Study shows California's autism increase not due to better counting, diagnosis
New 'smart' materials for the brain
New molecular insight into vertebrate brain development
Unusual use of toys in infancy a clue to later autism
Antibiotic 'cerebral palsy link'
Injections of Hope
Dartmouth research reveals passive learning imprints on the brain just like active learning
New stem cell technique improves genetic alteration
BERT and ERNI proteins control brain development
Epilepsy and brain pathology linked together by the protein ADK
Nonmedicinal treatment touted for preschoolers with ADHD
Lawmakers praise stem cell funding
Twice the blessing, twice the heartache
The Challenges and Rewards of Parenting A child with Autism
Mom on a Mission to change the trend of AUTISM
Making memories that last a lifetime
Chemical cues turn embryonic stem cells into cerebellar neurons
Prefrontal cortex loses neurons during adolescence, researchers find
Research finds music training 'tunes' human auditory system
Stem Cells and a Mother's Unrelenting Drive to Cure Her Son's Cerebral Palsy
Scientists clone mice from adult skin stem cells
Scientists reveal secrets of Homer's Cyclops to help people with Holoprosencephaly
Dramatic results from combo therapy surprises Krabbé-disease researchers
Scientists discover new, readily available source of stem cells
2006 eNewsBrief Highlights
New guideline for the diagnostic assessment of children with continuous seizures
Gene therapy inhibits epilepsy in animals
Researchers add to understanding of how brain cells communicate
Novel pathway regulates timing of brain cell development
Williams Syndrome, the brain and music
Study identifies factors correlated with cerebral palsy
Low birth weight infants may have cognitive and physical problems when they reach adolescence
Slow brain waves play key role in coordinating complex activity
Previously approved drugs may be helpful in fatal pediatric disorder
Everything in its place: Researchers identify brain cells used to categorize images
Cortical plasticity: it's time to get excited about inhibition
Forsyth Scientists Develop System for Automated Analysis of Behavior
Researchers discover brain abnormality in kids with autism
Scripps research team reverses Friedreich's ataxia defect in cell culture
Neurological effects of childhood sleep apnea
Idursulfase is effective treatment for Hunter syndrome, clinical trial concludes
Link between autism and abnormal blood-vessel function and oxidative stress
Life and death in the hippocampus: what young neurons need to survive
University of Washington researchers discover novel genomic disorders
New study reveals Rett syndrome can strike males
A humble aquarium fish may hold the key to new therapies for birth defects
Scientists learn how the brain 'boots up' to process information from the senses
Rewiring the mammalian brain -- neurons make fickle friends
UMass Lowell research shows benefits of apple juice on neurotransmitter affecting memory
New tool tracks brain development in babies
Mushrooms as good an antioxidant source as more colorful veggies
Device Effective in zapping the pain out of migraines
New stem-cell findings can help the body to cure itself
Salk and Stanford teams join forces to reveal two paths of neurodegeneration
Transcription factor protein's role in cell death, neurodegeneration and schizophrenia
Children More Likely to Succeed with Early, Intensive Treatment
Nervous Inhibitions
If the chemistry is right ... you might remember this
Queensland scientists identify molecule that links both sides of the brain
Toward a less expensive, more convenient treatment of Gaucher's disease
Robotic Joystick Reveals How Brain Controls Movement
Protein connections: A network to understand disease
Computerized atlas highlights 'plethora' of changes in brain disorder
Flick of Whiskers Helps Tease Out Brain's 'Shadow' Signaling System
Study shows frogs can play key role in stem cell research
Full year of treatment helps infants and children with toxoplasmosis
Neural stem cell gene plays crucial role in eye development
$5.8 Million Funds 2 New Studies on Best Treatments for ADHD
UCSF Institute for Regeneration Medicine receives gift from Dolbys
Pediatricians fail to screen for autism, Hopkins study finds
'Smart' genetic therapy helps the body to heal itself
Bold Three-Stage Brain Operation for Intractable Seizures Appears Promising
Study shows newborns with jaundice at no greater risk
Study links ADHD cognitive and behavioral problems to genetic and environmental interactions
Research Shows How Visual Stimulation Turns Up Genes to Shape the Brain
Technology to improve learning for visually-impaired children
Novel stem cell technology leads to better spinal cord repair
Autism Has High Costs to U.S. Society
Cholesterol gets 'thumbs up' for role in digit development
Protein's potential as a regulator of brain activity discovered
Mapping the foundation of human development
Mouse sheds light on regeneration
URI study shows delaying umbilical cord clamping benefits pre-term infants
Help for siblings of children with special needs
Pennsylvania researchers find liver transplants provide metabolic cure for rare genetic disease
Stem cell transplants improve recovery in animal models for stroke, cerebral palsy
Key nutrients critical for older infants' development
Author James Reston Jr. Talks About his New Book and his experience as a Special Needs Father
Study supports theory why brain-injured children often recover
Anti-inflammatory effects of omega 3 fatty acid in fish oil linked to lowering of prostaglandin
An affordable future for eye tracking in sight
Kids behave and sleep better after tonsillectomy, study finds
Special education data provide misleading trends of changing autism prevalence
Researchers identify new childhood-onset epilepsy disorder and its genetic cause
First clinical trial of gene therapy for muscular dystrophy now under way
Picking apart how neurons learn
What a great journey it's been
Pregnancy research leads to progress on premature delivery
Cell therapy slows progression of an inherited neurological disease; Improves motor skills in mice
Cedars-Sinai researchers discover treatment for deadly brain tumors and infections
UC Davis study with mice links thimerosal with immune system dysfunction
Innovative approach affords Binghamton University researchers clearer view of autism
Stem cell treatment succeeds in spinal cord-injured rats
New 'stars' in formation of nerve cell insulation
Uncovering How Bone Marrow Stromal Cells Can Potentially Regenerate Brain Tissue
Seizure research heats up with new molecular clues
Doernbecher Researchers To Study Effectiveness Of Stem Cell Transplant In Human Brain
Study ties 'new' cell-death mechanism to developmental and degenerative brain disorders
Technology helps disabled kids find their voice
Learning and memory stimulated by gut hormone
Strokes in children need to be recognized quickly
Geron wants to test stem-cell spinal cord treatment in humans
Not every stutterer is a problem case
Penn Researchers Create Technique to Engineer Nerve Tissue "Jumper Cables" to Repair Spinal Cord Injury, in Animal Mod
Brain Researchers Discover the Evolutionary Traces of Grammar
Johns Hopkins scientists map brain area that may aid hunt for human brain stem cells
Then and Now
UCI researchers discover key factor for survival of human embryonic stem cells
Pittsburgh researchers discover that certain chemicals in the blood may indicate brain injury
New sensor to provide early warning of oxygen loss to unborn children
Baby got math
UCI researchers prove a single memory is processed in three separate parts of the brain
The Hubler Twins
Medicinal herbs popular choice for babies and kids among WIC clinic clients
New route to therapy for Rett syndrome?
Breakthrough in Brain Injury Study at University of Leicester
Study implicates defective synapse generator in onset of Alzheimer's, Finding links age-related brain disease to Down syndrome
Treatment of Down syndrome in mice restores nerve growth in cerebellum
Age-related memory improvement linked with consumption of apple products
U of MN researchers identify ataxia gene
Tiny RNA molecules fine-tune the brain's synapses
NJIT engineer poised to take stem cell research a step forward
Study Finds Cloned Stem Cells Safe
How Nerve Cells Stay in Shape
Weizmann Institute suggests that immune cells help to maintain cognition and brain cell renewal
Zebra finches remember songs dad sang
Researchers discover new way to stimulate brain to release antioxidants
Brianna Aliza Kaiserman
Chemical signaling helps regulate sensory map formation in the brain
UCSD team creates model for genetic brain syndrome
Not So Different After All: Mysterious Eye Cells Adapt To Light
Wisconsin scientists grow two new stem cell lines in animal cell-free culture
Penn study finds hyperbaric oxygen treatments mobilize stem cells
New Neurons Take Baby Steps in the Adult Brain
Cedars-Sinai researchers demonstrate a new way to switch therapeutic genes 'on' and 'off'
Research clarifies how brain replenishes memory-making molecules
Clinical trial to test stem cell approach for children with brain injury
Jason and James Lee "Turkey" Trot to Victory for CNS!
Home for the Holidaze
South Korean research scandal reflects ethical breakdown
Key brain antioxidant linked to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
Engineered stem cells show promise for sneaking drugs into the brain
OHSU discovery sheds light into how stem cells become brain cells
Growth factor protects brain against damage from stroke
New UW study offers strategy for treatment of fatal nervous system disorder
New study identifies key gene in development of connections between brain and spinal cord
A first at Salk: human stem cells in brains of mice
How the Neuron Sprouts Its Branches
How seizures progress to epilepsy in the young
Researchers discover a protein responsible for shaping the nervous system
Hosting My First CNS Fundraising Event
Labs unsure whether to join stem cell bank
UCLA imaging study of children with autism finds broken mirror neuron system
UCSF study finds nerve regeneration is possible in spinal cord injuries
Chemical used in food containers disrupts brain development
Mutations in HRAS gene sequence confirmed in patients with Costello syndrome
MUHC and McGill scientists identify gene for debilitating vitamin B12 disease
Figuring out the ups and downs--and sideways--of neural development
Molecular cabal contributes to stroke damage
CNS Foundation Statement on Status of Collaboration with World Stem Cell Hub
Scientists' Rift on Stem Cells Surrounded by Mystery
Synaptic connections need nurturing to retain their structure and keep outsiders at bay
Studies Pave the Way for Using Stem Cells as Treatments for Brain Cancer, Parkinson's Disease, Stroke and More
Womb needed for proper brain development
Surprising Insights open the Door for New Austim Treatments
MIT researcher presents new view of how the cortex forms
New screening test proves earlier, more accurate predictor for Down syndrome
Recreating 'Flowers for Algernon' with a happy ending
RNA Splicing Occurs in Nerve-Cell Dendrites
New discoveries about neuron plasticity linked to learning and memory
Novel discovery of 'DCDC2' gene associated with dyslexia
Genetic cause of speech defect discovered
Wnt signaling controls the fate of stem cells in adult brains
Lipids play important role in nervous system development
When We Heard We Had Won the Freedom Concept's Bike, We Were So Excited We Couldn't Believe It!
New extraction method a concession to stem cell foes
Human tests begin as stem cell success raises treatment hope
Penn researchers discover the powerful tool of simultaneous fMRI and PET imaging
Penn study finds direct role for glial cells in brain cross-talk
Neural Stem Cells Are Long-Lived
Cerebellum found to be important in cognition and behavior
Adult Stem Cells Aid Recovery In Animal Model Of Cerebral Palsy
Bioethics 'expertise' comes from all corners
Study identifies gene in mice that may control risk-taking behavior in humans
Study points to molecular origin of neurodegenerative disorders, including Huntington's disease
Stem Cell Ethical Guidelines Must Be Strengthened, UCSF Team Says
Neurofeedback therapy to treat ADHD
Adult human neural stem cell therapy successful in treating spinal cord injury
Kindred Spirits "Hat's Off" Exhibition and Fundraiser
S. Korean Stem-Cell Scientist Has 14 Patents: Report
Rare eye-movement disorder may shed light on brain and cardiovascular development
Zach Hall Appointed Permanent President Of The California Institute For Regenerative Medicine
UCI neurobiologists uncover evidence of a 'memory code'
Researchers discover key to human embryonic stem-cell potential
Number of babies born prematurely nears historic half million mark in US
Research Shows Where Brain Interprets "Pitch"
Markers of brain cell development may help success of stem cell transplants
High doses of vitamin E boost rat survival rate 40%; brain function, neuromuscular gains
Doctors get child medicines help
Scientists listen to brain patterns of tone-deafness
Solving the mystery of mutated proteins and the brain
Stem-cell debate awaits Senate
Snapin: A protein with therapy potential for autism
Skin Cells Converted to Stem Cells
Scientists hope gene chips hold key to solving brain disorders
Scientists make nerve stem cells
Stem cell initiative could go to voters
Gradient guides nerve growth down spinal cord
Folates more effective in limiting Alzheimer's disease risk than antioxidants, other nutrients
OHSU researchers discover potential mechanism to repair brain damage linked to MS
Discarded placentas deliver researchers promising cells similar to embryonic stem cells
Research casts doubt on circulating stem cells
Complex Gene Interactions Account for Autism Risk
Bush reaffirms stem cell stance, threatens veto despite Frist's shift
Polypharmacy in children on the rise in the US
Senate's Leader Veers From Bush Over Stem Cells
Anti-inflammatory function of Alzheimer's disease drugs revealed
Combination therapy leads to partial recovery from spinal cord injury in rats
Multiple genetic 'flavors' may explain autism
Using Nanoparticles, In Vivo Gene Therapy Activates Brain Stem Cells
Donna and Charlie Jenkins' Story-Winners of the Freedom Concepts Pommel Walker
Larry Young on animals and autism clues, environmental impact on hormone brain function
U.S. must remove the handcuffs from stem-cell researchers
Most perinatal strokes lead to neurologic disorders
Sabotage of Specter's stem-cell bill feared
Children who stop breathing during sleep show brain damage
Lorenzo's oil shows promise in reducing risk of debilitating disease in genetic disorder
Fatal 'dementia' could waste 2 young sisters' minds, potential
University of Rochester Investigator to Develop a Stem Cell-Based Therapy For Childhood Myelin Disorders
Republicans Break Ranks on Stem Cells
Inhaled nitric oxide protects the brains of high-risk premature infants
OpEd: Could Alternative Medicine Have Saved Terri Schiavo?
Cranberry usage common for urinary tract infections
Animal research suggests new treatment target for epilepsy
Senators push stem cell research
Groundbreaking study helps explain why preemie brains improve over time
Researchers discover stem cell 'guide' that may be key for targeting neural stem cell treatments
California's role in global effort to advance stem-cell research
Founder's Update
Study strengthens link between Foxp2 gene and language development
Not on Faith Alone
Fruit fly helps reveal the secrets of the fragile-X-syndrome
As the Stem Cell Debate Heats Up in the Senate . . .
World first: brain cells grown in laboratory
Helping Bridget give her best gift...Hugs!
Autism and X-fragile syndrome
Opinion: Yes: At stake are lives, our economy
Developing nervous system sculpted by opposing chemical messengers
Perlegen Sciences' Recipe for Success
Debating Questions of Life and Science
Revolutionary nanotechnology illuminates brain cells at work
Part 2-An Answer to Dr. Miranda
Part 1 EEG Biofeedback Myth and Reality
Protein helps regulate the genes of embryonic stem cells
House Defies Bush on Stem Cells
Allison's Story
Dietary supplement a potential treatment for Canavan disease
Help Karuna Stand Up!
Research marks giant step in potential of using stem cells to treat human disorders
Researchers find genetic link to cerebral hemorrhage and porencephaly
Premature use of stem cell therapy could put patients at risk
Gene keeps neural cells on correct developmental path
Umbilical cord-blood transplants save lives of babies with rare genetic disorder
Birth Factors Associated with Risk for Autism
Experimental Drug Reverses Brain Injury in Rats
Botox Stops Severe Drooling in Children With Neurologic Conditions
Russian Scientists Warn Against Stem Cell Medication Advertising
New GOP Poll and Ad Campaign Boost Republican Main Street Partnership Support for Expanded Federal Stem Cell Policy
Stem cell treatment improves mobility after spinal cord injury
Monkeys Adapt Robot Arm as Their Own
Brain chemical serotonin involved in early embryo patterning, Forsyth scientists find
Alternative Advances: Brain Food for Autism
San Francisco lands stem cell institute
Urgent Action Alert!
Stem cells and regeneration: Opening up a new can of worms
Scientists report strong evidence of alterations in blood samples of children with autism
Mosaic mouse technique offers a powerful new tool to study diseases and genetics
Mucopolysaccharidoses - NOT Mentally Retarded
Interview with 8-year-old winner's Mom
Study finds moderate hypothermia a safe treatment for traumatic brain injury in kids
Stem Cell Research Guidelines Offered By National Academies
Hopes for Harrison
Why Stem Cell Research Holds the Key to Kate's Future
Important brain finding results from boy's rare, fatal disease
The Case for Cloning Humans
John Philip
Pediatric strokes puzzling but not rare
Feinstein, Other Senators Renew Stem Cell Push
Zain Master the Man of Steel
Neural tube defects decrease with folic acid fortification
Brain-injury rehabilitation depends on acetylcholine circuitry
Louder neurons form more connections, Stanford research shows
Cerebral navigation: How do nerve fibers know what direction to grow in?
Scientists infuse rat spinal cords with brain-derived human stem cells
Neural activity reveals continuity between infant and adult sleep
Big Companies Quietly Pursue Research on Embryonic Stem Cells
Antioxidant-rich diets reduce brain damage from stroke in rats
New findings support a central role for NMDA receptors in learning and memory
Carnegie Mellon and U. of Pittsburgh create tool to understand neuron rhythms, learning
Gene mutated in cancer found in some with Autism
Message to Law Makers: Support Stem Cell Research!
Distinguished neuroscientist and senior NIH administrator fills key scientific post at California stem cell agency
The Heart of a Company
House approves stem cell research
Stem cell swap
Solving sleep problems helps epileptic children
Autism linked to mirror neuron dysfunction
Hair follicle stem cells may provide an accessible source of stem cells for therapeutic applications
Gene Variations Explain Drug Dose Required to Control Seizures
Stem cells without embryos?
The Other Brain Also Deals With Many Woes
Oral bacteria may predict pregnancy outcomes
First real-time view of developing neurons reveals surprises, say Stanford researchers
News tips from the Journal of Neuroscience
Stem Cell Research
UCLA to Start $20 Mln Stem Cell Research Center
Mechanism of RNA recoding: New twists in brain protein production
Helping answer needs by developing specialists in autism
Determining the fate of cells in the human body
Children's Neurobiological Solutions Foundation 2005 Board of Directors Annual Retreat
Scientists discover that three overlapping signals in embryo help get the backbone right
How effective are herbal supplements in reducing illnesses in children?
State asked for stem cell funds
Stem cell bill seen heading to passage
New slant on vision research: Neurons sensitive to viewing angle
Molecular messengers perform a crucial role in the ability of injured nerve cells to heal themselves
Fruit fly study points to treatment for fragile X syndrome
Protein analysis of amniotic fluid reveals clues about preterm birth
New interim president formally hired for stem cell institute
Molecule important in cell construction also critical in learning and memory
the Boy Behind the Smile
New NIST reference material reinforces fragile-x screens
Perchlorate found in breast milk
Moving Stem Cells Front and Center
UT Southwestern researchers see hope for treating blindness in preemies
Scientists rid stem cell culture of key animal cells
House, Senate bills seek more stem cell funding
New research questions basic tenet of neuron function
Researchers find new technique to identify fetal genetic material from amniotic fluid
Brain synapse formation linked to proteins, Stanford study finds
New component of the 'brakes' on nerve regeneration found
New neurons born in adult rat cortex
Gene With Broad Role Also Causes Prevalent, Inherited Nerve Disorder
Controversial Atkins Diet may be beneficial for people with epilepsy
Wisconsin scientists grow critical nerve cells
Editorial: Stem cells/New federal rules are needed
Priming Embryonic Stem Cells to Fulfill Their Promise
An eastern US stem cell hub?California's initiative spawns a frenzy in New Jersey, Connecticut, and now New York
Deciphering the genetic babel of brain cells
Two minutes of magnetic stimulation can change your brain for an hour
New theory challenges current view of how brain stores long-term memory
New system may help babies avoid brain damage
Scientists uncover new mechanism for the amygdala in fear recognition
Antibiotics protect nerves in mice by turning on genes
Connecticut eyes stem cell law
Zebrafish may hold key to understanding human nerve cell development
Stem cell bill tops agenda as Legislature convenes
Chronic Epilepsy Decreases Brain Cell Production in Critical Learning and Memory Center
First 'atlas' of key brain genes could speed research on cancer, neurological diseases
South Korea to Allow Stem-Cell Research
Stem cell researcher makes paralyzed rats walk
New clue to nerve growth may help regeneration efforts
New effects of an antihistaminic against cerebral injury
Stem cell committee at 22; five more to go
Newborns with heart defect have low blood flow in brain before surgery
Marine snail study gives insights into human brain
Read your shampoo's label: Study finds common ingredient stunts developing neurons of rats
Baby teeth provide life-giving stem cells
Mice Brains Can Fix Themselves
Columbia researchers identify drug as therapeutic candidate for spinal muscular atrophy
Brain Inflammation Found in Autism
Neuronal Excitability May Hold Key To Age-Related Decline In Learning And Memory
An Apple A Day Could Help Protect Against Brain-Cell Damage That Triggers Alzheimer's, Parkinsonism, Cornell Studies Find
California Offering Hope to the Millions of Children Afflicted with Neurological Disorders
Kindred Spirits: Studio Aims To Help The Brain Through Art
Children's Neurobiological Solutions Foundation Joins Coalition Endorsing California's Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative
To Reach The Reachable Stars! The 2nd Annual CNS Kids On Broadway
Stemcells' Human Neural Stem Cells Survive, Migrate And Differentiate In Pre- Clinical Stroke Study
Moving Pediatric Brain Repair Closer to Clinical Trials
Mothers Harbor Fetal Stem Cells
Twice As Many Children Are Suffering Strokes Than Was Previously Believed
Advances In Diagnosis And Treatment Of Autism, Alzheimer's, Epilepsy, Fetal Brain Imaging
Head-Cooling Device Prevents Brain Damage In Oxygen-Deprived Infants, Says New Study
Patients With Uncontrolled Epilepsy Have Low Levels Of Fatty Acids
In Male Monkeys, Too Much Soy Has Adverse Effects
Cells From Adult Bone Marrow Can Be Converted Into Brain Stem Cells For Transplantation
Cord Blood Stem Cells Saving Kids With Rare Disorder
Surgeons Explore New Treatment For Tourette Syndrome
Bird's Song May Be Linked To Speech Disorders
Pre-Term Labor Drug Sensitizes Brain to Pesticide Injury
Complementary, Alternative Therapies For Neurological Disorders
Virtual Play Boosts Disabled Children's Self-Image
Neurons So Excited That They Just Can't Hide It
Researchers Discover New Source Of Neural Stem Cells In Adult Brain
Working Together PAC Members Speed the Development of Therapies and Cures
DHEA Boosts Growth Rate Of Human Neural Stem Cells
Experimental Treatment Yields New Hope For Children Battling Cerebral Palsy
A Link Between Thimerosal And The Brain:
Conference Report - Stem Cells and Neurologic Repair
A Big Surprise: Young Nerve Cells Can Rewind Their Developmental Clocks
Nerves, Heal Thyselves
Rutgers Scientists Discover Protein In Brain Affects Learning And Memory
A Parent's Perspective on the Children's Neurobiological Solutions Foundation's 2nd Annual Scientific Advisory Board Think Tank
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