Alex Richmond

Executive Director

Alex Richmond brings a strong background in political science to his role as Executive Director of CNS Foundation and as an advocate for regenerative medicine focused on pediatric conditions. After graduating from Marymount Manhattan College in 2007, Alex was involved in a Presidential campaign, a LA County City race, an Independent Congressional campaign, and a voter guide that encouraged young people to participate in local politics.

Influenced by his brother, Palmer, who remains undiagnosed, Alex continuously educates himself on neuroscience relevant to the pediatric community and engages at the state level, both in California and across the country, as well as the Federal level whereever stem cell legislation will be considered.

Alex can be reached at [email protected]

Lindsey Wiltse

Community Coordinator

Lindsey joined the CNS Foundation team in early 2013 as an Executive Assistant before taking over the position Community Coordinator. She received her BA from SUNY Geneseo (Geneseo, NY) and MA from Simmons College (Boston, MA). After growing tired of winter in the Northeast, Lindsey moved to Los Angeles and, inspired by those in her own life with neurological conditions, began working at CNS Foundation. Outside of her work at CNS Foundation, Lindsey enjoys taking hikes, discovering new recipes, and exploring all over California. 

Contact Lindsey at [email protected]