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Often we’re told that the pace of scientific research is beyond our control.  That’s why we came up with our tagline:  Accept No Boundaries

In truth, scientific progress does not occur in a vacuum.  History is filled with examples of how patients and their families have successfully raised awareness and increased government funding to expedite treatments and cures.  For example, families of polio victims worked tirelessly to speed the development of the vaccine that eradicated polio in the United States.

You Can Help

Get on our MAP.  The simple act of registering on our site makes a difference.  It allows you and your child to be counted as members of our community--a community of supportive parents, family members, friends, scientists and physicians-- committed to accelerating the development of treatments and cures for children with neurological disorders. 

For members of Congress and other policy makers, numbers matter.  We urge you to make sure your child’s voice is heard.